Redesign of NP3TT-1 - benefits: hex crimp with a standard RG58 crimp tool, no special tool necessary for the final assembly. Black plastic sleeve and nickel contacts.

Plugs / 0.173" Bantam Type Miniature Plugs
Very robust ergonomic design. Gold contact version in combination with the NJ3TTA jack eliminates contact problems due to corrosion or dirt. The new Single Plug NP3TT-P and the new Dual Plug NP3TT-2 are made for assembling with a standard HEX crimping tool also used with coax cables.


Rated current: depends on mating connector
Contact resistance: depends on mating connector
Insulation resistance - initial: > 2 G
- after damp heat test: = 1 G
Dielectric strength: 1 kV dc

-Tip & ring: solder terminals
- Sleeve: HEX crimp (5.4mm) acc. to IEC 803
Wire size: 0.25 mm▓ / AWG 24
Cable O.D.: 4.8 mm max.
Solderability: complies with IEC 68-2-20

Shell: Brass CuZn39Pb3, 2 Ám Ni (Su) plated / PA 6 30% GR
Insulation: PA 6.6 30% GR
Contacts: CuZn39Pb3 / CuSn6 (Tip), 2 Ám Ni (Su) plated or 2 Ám TRIBOR« (NiP-AuCo)
Temperature range: -20░C to +65░C

Compatibility / Remarks
Assembly tool: Order "HX-TT-1" for assembling & crimping of "TT-1 / TT-AU"
Compatibility: MIL-P-642/13